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Memorable Donations: Oversized/big checks

oversized check,large checks,big checks,fundraiser checks,PR checks

oversized check,large checks,big checks,fundraiser checks,PR checks

Companies, charities, and associations use oversized checks or big checks for recognition as they would an award. An oversized check is a symbol for a monetary award and is used at events to recognize an achievement. Big checks help make an event memorable while generation publicity and creating brand awareness.

Oversized checks can come in various standard sizes but can also be customized to any size desired. The design is customized with the donor’s logo, the date issued, the amount given, the recipient’s name, a signature, and a routing number, all similar to a standard check.

Large checks are the perfect advertising tools for fund raising events and award such as political campaigns and charity/church donations. Businesses can also use big checks for corporate awards, grand openings, employee rewards, sales bonuses, and more. Large checks are often used for sports, golf tournament fundraisers, and marathon winners. Oversized checks are great for personal usage as well, celebration occasions, birthday jokes, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, or funny gift check. Big checks can also be used for contest winner awards, lottery winners awards,business large promotional checks, award big blank checks, dry erase big checks, etc.

Oversized checks are great for press pictures, announcing donations with a giant check is great publicity and looks great on camera. PR firms and marketing gurus will always recommend oversized checks because they work!

If you often use giant checks and do not plan on having the recipient keep the large check, you can use a dry/erase coating as an option making your jumbo check reusable as often as needed! Use any dry erase board marker and you can use your oversized check as often as needed.

Whether you are looking for a standard layout or something more custom, Top Class Signs and Printing can help you design an oversize check that represents your company, association, or personal image and fits your need.

Residentials and Business Monument Signs

Monument signs

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Are you looking for monument signs, foam props, EPS monument structures, pylon signs, 3D Props or architectural accents look no more, Top Class Signs and Printing can help!

Top Class is pleased to offer a diverse selection of monumental designs! You can choose from one of our forty standard models or design your own. Monument signs can be seen as adding an almost sculptural element of appearance to identification signage. They often reflect the architectural characteristics of the buildings they stand before and they continue the ambiance of their environment by incorporating the colors and textures of their surroundings. These signs are often made the focal point of gardens and landscaping. Monument signs are often times illuminated by ground or landscape lighting as opposed to many pylons which are mostly internally illuminated.

Looking to add a stone design to your monument sign? We offer hand sculpted, stone and brick designs to add the perfect finishing touch to your next architectural monument project. Stone Monument Signs and Brick Monument Signs have never been easier! Choose a standard stone design from our gallery or send us a photograph of your existing brick or stone and we will be glad to provide a custom color match free-of-charge. All of our faux stone designs are hand sculpted by our team of skilled artists using a mixture of artistic mediums; then fully encapsulated in our exclusive Poly-Armor™ hard coat. Unlike digitally printed stone replicas, our faux brick and stone accents are hand sculpted to match the existing brick or stone on your building or the custom texture of your choice and there is no need to worry about fading, peeling or ripping. We have the capabilities to match any PMS, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color.

Top Class also carries a full line of foam columns and caps that will increase the overall attractiveness of your next project while making a bold statement.

We can help you make your sign more appealing with:

  • Integrated LED Message Centers
  • Interchangeable Copy Boards
  • Illuminated Cabinets
  • Raised Graphics
  • Recessed Graphics
  • Dimensional Letters
  • LED Message Center
  • Dimensional Appliqués
  • Carved or Sandblasted Sign Panels
  • Hand Sculpted Brick & Stone Accents
  • Hand Sculpted Faux Brick and Stone
  • 3D Props
  • Faux brick accents
  • Faux stone accents
  • Caps and Columns
  • Pediments
  • Architectural Mailboxes
  • Pole Covers
  • Wall Sign Panels
  • Residential Entry Walls
  • …and more!

From lightweight, EPS foam architectural caps to hand sculpted, faux brick pole covers, and our decorative elements are manufactured using the highest quality of materials with explicit attention to detail. Our exceptional lines of foam core custom columns and caps have proven to be a powerful design element with a featherweight core and fantastic, product features:

  • Precision Cut
  • Versatile & Long-Lasting
  • Extremely Durable
  • Termite & Rot Resistant
  • Superior Outdoor/Indoor Durability
  • Sprayed to Simulate a Concrete-Textured Finish
  • Cost Effective

All of our monument signs, pylon signs, 3D props and architectural accents carry a five-year limited guarantee, protecting you against product defects and workmanship imperfections.

 If you are looking for a new sign or need to revamp your current sign, Top Class Signs and Printing can help you find the best sign to represent your brand or help your bring your current sign up to date.


Customer Tradeshow Project…Mealeo

Imprinted table cover in Doral, retractable banner stand in Doral, full color printing in Doral

Imprinted table cover in Doral, retractable banner stand in Doral, full color printing in Doral

Mealeo had a tradeshow coming soon and needed some advertisement done rather quickly, so they came to us for help.  We listen to what they needed and provided them with a quick and complete tradeshow package and they looked great at the exhibition.

The complete trade show package included a custom full color 33.5×79” retractable banner stand which comes with a carrying bag for convenient storage and traveling; a 6’ white polyester table throw with a 1 color imprint of their logo and slogan, and full color custom imprint round stickers for attendees to take with them.

Using a trade show package with a full color display, an imprinted table cover, and giveaways, Mealeo accomplished full branding at the show and looked very professional, leaving the exposition attendees with a very positive image of the company.

About Mealeo:

Mealeo makes ordering food online from your favorite restaurants & pizzerias easier, more fun, and more meaningful than ever before.

A meal for a meal. How it works: for every order placed through Mealeo, we donate one meal to a food bank near you. When you feed yourself through Mealeo, you help feed others too!

If you would like us to help your company stand out at your next trade show or open house, contact us and someone at Top Class Signs and Printing will be happy to assist you.


Food Trucks on the Rise

food truckFood trucks are on the rise and will not slow down anytime soon! The food truck craze began around 2010 and has been creating a new trend since. Our society has a need for speed, but no longer desires the same old fast food which gives food trucks the opportunity to shine. Food trucks are no longer the small cart selling hot dogs and chips from a cart down the streets, but rather a restaurant on wheels. To differentiate themselves these food trucks are called “Gourmet Food Trucks” and sell anything from high end cupcakes to grandmas’ home cook style food. “Gourmet Food Trucks” owners are most of the time people who have dream of owning a restaurant but couldn’t due to finances. For less than 1/3 of the cost these chefs or entrepreneurs get the opportunity of owning their own restaurant on wheels! “Gourmet Food Trucks” are nothing short of a full commercial kitchen and the required sanitary checkups put people at ease to order food from the streets. “Gourmet Food Trucks” are most popular in New York and California.

Food truck

wrapped food truck

“Gourmet Food Trucks” can be found daily at the same locations or at organized events where people gather in what seems like a food fest! Dozen or more trucks of a variety of foods put on their best show to serve what can be hundreds of hungry people who are given the opportunity to sample various foods all in one place. “Gourmet Food Trucks” bring people from all walks of life together and give them the opportunity to sample food the way a restaurant couldn’t.

If you are looking to open a “Gourmet Food Truck”, here are some tips. Like any other business the first impression is crucial! Being in the food business and constantly on the road, the look of the truck is on top of the Must Do list. The 3 most important marketing strategies for a “Gourmet Food Trucks” are The Truck Wrap, social media, and food samples. Our eyes first fall in love the food and therefore the outside of the truck must look appetizing. Top Class can help you if you are looking for “Gourmet Food Truck” wrap, from the design to the completion of a full truck wrap. It is a fact that “Gourmet Food Trucks” rely on social mediums such as Facebook and Twitter to keep their fans up to date on their next location or event, so sign up for your free accounts now. Last but not least, samples. When first starting out and trying to build your fans base and loyal customers it is important to give out samples of your most unique item on your menu so that customers can get a taste of the quality of your food and become “regulars”.

“Gourmet Food Trucks” are here to stay in a society where high quality “fast food” is more than ever sought after. If you have not yet had a “Gourmet Food Truck” experience I advise you do so immediately and if you are thinking about starting a “Gourmet Food Truck” contact us at Top Class Signs and Printing to help you with all your marketing for your new and exciting venture.


Food truck wrap

truck wrapping image

Custom Full Color Feather Flags

sails or feather flags

feather flag, feather flag Miami, feather flag Doral, feather flag Miami, outdoor flag, street flags, custom flags, sails flags


 Feather Flags are especially effective as multiples forming a dramatic visual of your brand, these items can be used inside at exhibitions and trade fairs to add height to shell schemes so your brand can be seen from afar, these special marketing flags come in a variety of different sizes from 8 feet to 14 feet high, there are a range of different bases to suit all locations from water and sand filled portable bases to spike bases to drive into the ground to cross bases for indoor spaces and under wheel forecourt bases for car forecourt displays.

Retail establishments are realizing the benefits of utilizing these Flags with valuable advertising space i.e. their own shop frontage, event companies are adding sponsorship branding and using feather flags to direct people, also sporting events are using these to indicate race start and finish locations and the locations of important area like first aid tents.

The portability and ease of set up and installation of Feather Flags is one of the keys to these Flags becoming so popular. Feather Flags are the latest, new alternative to conventional flags. Telescopic and portable they provide immediate impact. Feather Flags can be used for any display event such as forecourt display, exhibitions, festivals etc. When in multiples, feather flags can really be an eye-catching wonder to behold!

These Flags are an excellent temporary or permanent tool that can help promote an indoor or outdoor event. Kits can be supplied complete with carry bag so transporting them is easy. Also referred to as sail flags they are ideal for many display environments and unlike traditional flags don’t require wind to get your message across.

 Flutter or feather flags are also perfect for promoting special events. Since the graphics and texts printed in the flags are clearly apparent, the announcement of upcoming festivals, tournaments, concerts or other events are made even more dynamic and effective.

Custom Feather Flags are also great for showing team support in soccer games and other outdoor sports. Give your team a moral boost by waving those team colors and logos high up in the air.

Flutter flags are the new alternatives for advertising and promotions. It is attractive and can relay information more effectively to passersby thus, making it more popular with businesses.

Promote your store front or business with attention grader feather flags, also, great for RV’s, Sport Events, Fairs, Tailgating, and NASCAR.

If you are interested in feather flags for your company, brand, or event, Top Class Signs and Printing will be happy to assist you with your custom sail flags and all other aspect of your marketing needs.

Trade Show Booths Traffic Ideas

tradeshow booth, tradeshow booth Miami, tradeshow booth Doral, tradeshow booth Florida, tradeshow diplays Miami,tradeshow diplays, tradeshow diplays Doral,tradeshow diplays Florida,banner stand, banner stand Miami, banner stand Doral, banners stand Florida

tradeshow booth, tradeshow booth Miami, tradeshow booth Doral, tradeshow booth Florida, tradeshow diplays Miami,tradeshow diplays, tradeshow diplays Doral,tradeshow diplays Florida,banner stand, banner stand Miami, banner stand Doral, banners stand Florida, trade show booth, trade show booth Doral, trade show booth Miami, trade show booth Florida

The best trade show exhibitors are constantly on the lookout for new, creative trade show booth ideas that differentiate their exhibits from the competition and attract large numbers of booth visitors. The best way to find creative and new ideas is to attend show outside of your exhibit industry and see what others are doing. See which booth designs attendees react to the most and which promotional concepts attract the biggest crowd to their booth.

  • To engage customers and prospects who were unable to attend the trade show, record a video and post it on your website. The webcast can take the form of a live “news program” featuring staff members who share the latest news about the industry and your products. Or, you can show product demonstrations and feature interviews with booth visitors. You can easily create the video using your phone or camera to keep your budget low. Use a host such as YouTube and link it to your website.
  • A private conference area or room in the back of your booth area to talk one-on-one with highly interested prospects. Make sure the meeting area is well-lit and complete with sales materials, paper and writing instruments. Having refreshments in the mini-conference area is always a plus, ex. Coffee, water, cookies, etc. as well as imprinted giveaway bags filled with your company’s sales sheets and promotional items.
  • To make your display area stand out in the exhibition hall, use strong graphics and large signage. Consider using tall hanging display signs that extends over the booth area to help people locate and identify your booth. Unique hanging sign shapes also attract attention.
  • Have exhibitor’s staff wear the same company-branded uniforms that includes the organization’s name, logo and website. This sends a message that your team is professional and cohesive. Have a drawing to give away the same or similar company shirt with your logo each hour or day-part. This is an excellent way to collect leads information from high-opportunity prospects.
  • Have crowd attractions such as prize wheels in your display area to draw people in so your team can engage them in discussion about your products and services. Prize wheels can include coupons that can be used towards your services.
  • Online and social marketing opportunities such as webinars, blogs, online videos, Twitter and Facebook are great free resources to complement traditional marketing methods before, during and after the show.
  • Use digital photography at your booth to take photographs of visitors in front of a Step and Repeat banner display containing your company logo. Hand out flyers with your website information where they will be able to find their picture. People will have fun and love to get pictures of them taken. The traffic to your booth and website will be a powerful marketing tool long after the trade show is over.
  • Feature live product demonstrations to engage booth visitors and create awareness for your product and its distinctive advantages. People are visual and the interaction will help them remember you over the competition.
  • Have a trade show magician or booth entertainer to attract exhibit traffic. Event performers meet with exhibitors before the show and incorporate the client’s product information into their acts to help complement sales initiatives.

Subway Carnival T-Shirts

St. Maarten Carnival this year took place April 19th to May 2nd, 2012. As tradition bands played Mass and companies sponsored. When Subway needed apparel, flyers, car magnets, and banners for their Teen Times Youth Band they sponsored, they came to us to get the job done in a rush, of course! The yellow, Gildan, T-shirts required a front and back imprint. The front imprint with the Subway logo was imprinted in 1 color and the back with the Teen Times Band logo was a 6 colors job. This was no problem as Top Class can imprint up to 8 screen print colors.
Subway also needed 4×6″ flyers which were printed on 14PT card stock with UV, full color 2 sides. The 12×18″ car magnets were simply white with the Subway logo and meant to withstand the outdoor. Of course no Carnival Band and Promotion would be complete without banners to hang on the trucks. Our banners are 13oz vinyl matte, with finishing and grommets.
Check out the pictures to see the final outcome 🙂

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