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Engage Employees With Team-Building Activities

A recent report by Gallup Inc. says that only 30% of full-time employed Americans are actively engaged and inspired at work. And yet, it’s the 30 million engaged employees in the U.S. that come up with “most of the innovative ideas, create most of a company’s new customers, and have the most entrepreneurial energy,” Gallup Chairman and CEO Jim Clifton writes in the report.

Keeping a team of employees happy, motivated and inspired can only be good for a firm’s relationships with its clients, and ultimately, its bottom line. Gallup’s survey indicates companies have a lot of room to grow in terms of engaging and inspiring their employees, and that’s where team-building activities and promotional products can play an important role.

As the economy continues to improve, the objectives of team building are evolving. In a better economy, “companies are more concerned about losing good people and the cost of replacing and training them,” says TeamBonding COO David Goldstein. “The goals of team building in this scenario are more about building balance and having fun at work. Companies want employees to like what they’re doing and feel like they have a purpose.”

For example, Goldstein’s company works with a lot of technology-oriented events. The firm partnered with their ad specialty distributor and created a high-tech scavenger hunt using GPS technology for attendees at the Corporate Event Marketing Association Summit 2014 conference.

The hunt consisted of 10 teams of 10, and each team leader used an iPad, iPhone or Android to get maps, messages and instructions about activities they needed to perform and upload. Activities included forming a letter of the alphabet with the team, jumping into a pool, and singing a song for points. The winning team received TeamBonding logoed Bluetooth speakers. Each team wore different neon-colored Malibu sunglasses to separate themselves and set their team apart.

Another of TeamBonding’s favorite team-building activities is charitable events. “This originated during the recession when some companies couldn’t necessarily justify team building, but could justify the concept of giving back,” says Goldstein. “Activities like assembling school supply backpacks or military care packages were good for the community as well as good for employees.”

Step and repeat backdrop

Red Carpet Walls - Step and Repeat Backdrop - Step and Repeat Banners - Step and Repeats - Step and Repeat Backdrop - Step and Repeat Walls

Red Carpet Walls – Step and Repeat Backdrop – Step and Repeat Banners – Step and Repeats – Step and Repeat Backdrop – Step and Repeat Walls

When a company has an event on their horizon, quite often a step and repeat banner will be needed to help accentuate whatever the event in commemoration. A client may be looking for a step and repeat backdrop for a media event like a press conference or a product launch. This is a great opportunity to build the brand awareness of a product or building the anticipation for an upcoming event.

The step and repeat banners also can provide sponsorship opportunities at any event. As a conference is going on, having a giant advertisement for your product or service can be a great opportunity to build and enhance your brand.

You can even create a backdrop for a red carpet event that will allow your marketing message to be viewed not only by all of the people in attendance at the event itself, but if a picture is taken of a celebrity or important person as they walk by a step and repeat banner then any time that picture is your message will also be seen.

Step and repeat banners are a great way to advertise your product or service at any public event.  A large conference, press conference, media event or any gathering that will draw attention provides the opportunity for these banners to your business.

Trade Show Booths Traffic Ideas

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The best trade show exhibitors are constantly on the lookout for new, creative trade show booth ideas that differentiate their exhibits from the competition and attract large numbers of booth visitors. The best way to find creative and new ideas is to attend show outside of your exhibit industry and see what others are doing. See which booth designs attendees react to the most and which promotional concepts attract the biggest crowd to their booth.

  • To engage customers and prospects who were unable to attend the trade show, record a video and post it on your website. The webcast can take the form of a live “news program” featuring staff members who share the latest news about the industry and your products. Or, you can show product demonstrations and feature interviews with booth visitors. You can easily create the video using your phone or camera to keep your budget low. Use a host such as YouTube and link it to your website.
  • A private conference area or room in the back of your booth area to talk one-on-one with highly interested prospects. Make sure the meeting area is well-lit and complete with sales materials, paper and writing instruments. Having refreshments in the mini-conference area is always a plus, ex. Coffee, water, cookies, etc. as well as imprinted giveaway bags filled with your company’s sales sheets and promotional items.
  • To make your display area stand out in the exhibition hall, use strong graphics and large signage. Consider using tall hanging display signs that extends over the booth area to help people locate and identify your booth. Unique hanging sign shapes also attract attention.
  • Have exhibitor’s staff wear the same company-branded uniforms that includes the organization’s name, logo and website. This sends a message that your team is professional and cohesive. Have a drawing to give away the same or similar company shirt with your logo each hour or day-part. This is an excellent way to collect leads information from high-opportunity prospects.
  • Have crowd attractions such as prize wheels in your display area to draw people in so your team can engage them in discussion about your products and services. Prize wheels can include coupons that can be used towards your services.
  • Online and social marketing opportunities such as webinars, blogs, online videos, Twitter and Facebook are great free resources to complement traditional marketing methods before, during and after the show.
  • Use digital photography at your booth to take photographs of visitors in front of a Step and Repeat banner display containing your company logo. Hand out flyers with your website information where they will be able to find their picture. People will have fun and love to get pictures of them taken. The traffic to your booth and website will be a powerful marketing tool long after the trade show is over.
  • Feature live product demonstrations to engage booth visitors and create awareness for your product and its distinctive advantages. People are visual and the interaction will help them remember you over the competition.
  • Have a trade show magician or booth entertainer to attract exhibit traffic. Event performers meet with exhibitors before the show and incorporate the client’s product information into their acts to help complement sales initiatives.

Top Class Designs and Marketing Sponsors “The Patently Impossible Project”

On Friday December 3, 2010, the Top Class family will be sponsoring and attending The Patently Impossible Project from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Miami Science Museum.

The Intellectual Property Committee of the Dade County Bar Association, which is the largest voluntary bar association in Florida with approximately 4,500 members. will host the charitable fundraiser “The Patently Impossible Project” to benefit the Legal Aid Society. Participants will be provided various parts, tools and only the instructions in a patent registration. Attendees will have the opportunity to “bet” on the winner by purchasing raffle tickets for door prizes donated for this event. A cocktail reception will follow.

The Patently Impossible Project is a charity race to assemble a selected invention where South Florida intellectual property attorneys are invited to compete.

For more information on this event contact and RSVP to Committee Chair, Jaime Rich Vining at or (305) 448-7089.

Also see event information via the below links:

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