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What Does Your Front Store Sign Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Front Store Sign Say About Your Business?

Do you run a business or own a store? Not only is advertising your business important but what is of outmost importance is the first impression that your potential customers or customers get the minute that they step into your store or place of business. Front of Stores usually set the tone of that first impression. You should ask yourself what image it is that you really want your front store sign to portray about your company. First impressions are everything so you definitely want to make a good one!

The idea is to have an extremely unique sign that describes your business and really catches the attention of everyone who sees it. Using bright colors and a symbol of what you do is really helpful. Let’s say you own a dog grooming salon, you would want to have a sign that has something to do with grooming. This could be achieved by using a sign that has a logo with a dog getting a haircut along with your company’s name. People will see your front store sign as they drive by your business and if your sign is unique and eye catching, people will remember your sign therefore remembering the company’s logo and name.

Let’s say someone is driving home and they see your sign, they’ll instantly realize that you groom dogs. Well what happens if they get home and realize that their dog really needs a haircut? They’ll remember you front store sign and perhaps even do business with your company! This is why using signs can be very effective! A picture is worth a thousand words and therefore can either make or break your company! We want to MAKE your company! Here at Top Class Marketing & Designs we offer a wide variety of front store signs! Tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Advertise as you drive! Order your Car Wrap!

Advertise as you drive! Order your Car wrap!

Traditional advertising that utilizes billboards, the radio, or newspaper articles are not only expensive but also very limited in their reach. Billboards only reach people in a single location. Paying for an Ad in the newspaper can easily cost up to $2000 dollars and only gets published once, limiting the number of people that it reaches. Using your vehicle to advertise and promote your business is definitely a much better option. Car wraps are very affordable and very effective as they advertise your business 24/7.  They capture the attention of hundreds of people everyday and promote your business day and night. The advertising never stops.

Car wrap advertising is not limited to one specific crowd and it doesn’t just target people from one distinct area. It is mobile advertisement and it targets everyone! They capture the attention of hundreds of drivers, passengers, and bystanders every day. Just imagine the number of people who notice your advertisement daily just as you drive to and from work. You never stop promoting your business; it is the equivalent of distributing flyers, business cards, or brochures minus the time that you’d have to dedicate to distributing the business cards and flyer. Driving around and keeping up with your daily driving routines is enough.  Here, at Top Class Designs and Marketing we offer different types of car wraps including the complete wrap, half wrap, window graphics, and vinyl lettering. The complete wrap covers the entire surface of the vehicle. The half wrap covers half the sides of the vehicle and extends around the back. The window graphics wraps only the windows and the vinyl lettering is the least expensive wrapping option and it typically includes just 1 or 2 colors, a company logo, and a phone number or e-mail address.

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