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The Marketing Power of Tradeshows

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to prepare your marketing plan for next year! This plan should include tradeshows you plan to exhibit at throughout the year. Our article below gives you facts about why you should not miss out on tradeshow exhibition in the upcoming year.

tradeshow-exhibits-and-displays-factsTradeshow facts:

Tradeshows are a great way to introduce new services or new products to clients and prospects.

45% of businesses participate in tradeshows to grow market share.

80% of exhibit attendees are either final decision makers or have direct influence on what products and services their company purchases.

50% want to see new products and services in the industry.

72% of show visitors say the show influenced their bying decision.

Of course like anything else first impressions are most important so when deciding to exhibit at a trade show make sure your branding and marketing materials are up to date and will make you shine!

If you need help with your tradeshow displays wheter it’s retractable banner stands or exhibit booths, full color printing such business cards, brochures, or logoed promo products, even custom table covers, we are here to service you.

Choose Quality, Choose Class! Choose Silk Laminated Business Cards!

Choose Quality, Choose Class! Choose Silk Laminated Business Cards!

Your business card is extremely important because it is one of the first things that your potential customers pay attention to before doing business with you. Your business card is your trademark and says a lot about your company. Therefore, a high quality, professionally printed card is critical.

Top- notch business printers usually offer a wide variety of business cards to choose from. Of those options are the silk laminated business cards which are at the high end of the quality scale. Considering that the majority of businesses have UV business cards, the one business that has silk laminated cards will definitely stand out and catch more attention.

The silky coating from the silk business cards is accomplished through silk-lamination typically on 10pt or 15pt cardstock. This coating is completely unnoticeable and invisible unless you try to tear the card apart. It is this lamination that gives silk business cards their uniqueness. Not only does it make the cards more durable but it also makes the card more difficult to tear and it helps to reduce the chances of corners and edges getting damaged.

Additionally, the silk lamination is completely writeable, meaning you can easily write on the card with pens, pencils, and markers. The fact that the silk laminated cards are non glossy also eliminates a lot of disadvantages that the glossy cards bring such as fingerprinting, streaks, smudges, and cards sticking together. The non-shiny look is also more upscale and elegant. The durability and composition of the silk laminated business cards make it the best choice for business cards. Here at Top Class, considering we are a top notch business printer we offer both silk laminated business cards and silk laminated cards with spot UV. We give your cards the uniqueness that they deserve!

What Does Your Front Store Sign Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Front Store Sign Say About Your Business?

Do you run a business or own a store? Not only is advertising your business important but what is of outmost importance is the first impression that your potential customers or customers get the minute that they step into your store or place of business. Front of Stores usually set the tone of that first impression. You should ask yourself what image it is that you really want your front store sign to portray about your company. First impressions are everything so you definitely want to make a good one!

The idea is to have an extremely unique sign that describes your business and really catches the attention of everyone who sees it. Using bright colors and a symbol of what you do is really helpful. Let’s say you own a dog grooming salon, you would want to have a sign that has something to do with grooming. This could be achieved by using a sign that has a logo with a dog getting a haircut along with your company’s name. People will see your front store sign as they drive by your business and if your sign is unique and eye catching, people will remember your sign therefore remembering the company’s logo and name.

Let’s say someone is driving home and they see your sign, they’ll instantly realize that you groom dogs. Well what happens if they get home and realize that their dog really needs a haircut? They’ll remember you front store sign and perhaps even do business with your company! This is why using signs can be very effective! A picture is worth a thousand words and therefore can either make or break your company! We want to MAKE your company! Here at Top Class Marketing & Designs we offer a wide variety of front store signs! Tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Love Your Environment? Go Green! Print Green!

Love your environment? Go green! Print green!

Environmental responsibility and waste management have now become major issues for every printing company, better yet, for every single organization out there. The need to recycle materials creates a need for new innovate solutions. There is a growing trend of switching to environmentally friendly business practices. Going green is a great opportunity as it not only helps the environment but it also reduces volatile organic compounds, conserves water, and reduces paper waste. Here at Top Class Designs and Marketing we offer clients a wide range of printing options varying from the HP Latex Printer to more conventional printing methods.

The Hp Latex Printer is water-based and made solely from completely recyclable materials. The ink’s main ingredients are latex polymer and pigment particles. Its composition is 70% water and 30% additives. This printer does not release any toxic fumes when it is used and it is also odorless.

If we really want to help our environment, we should all go green in every aspect, including our printing techniques! We offer various green printing services here at Top Class Marketing and Designs ranging from bamboo banner stands to eco-friendly business cards printed with vegetable oil based ink.

Business Cards

When starting a business, I’m positive that most entrepreneurs, if not all could agree that marketing and promoting their products /services is of out most importance Business cards are a great way to promote your business and build connections with prospective clients. They are actually one of the greatest marketing tools. In order for any business to grow advertising is a necessity and one of the most important aspects of developing your business. Today we live in a fast paced and highly technological world where people are already so consumed with their personal life that the last thing they want to do is spend too much of their time reading or doing too much research. Most of us like to get things handed out to us. We don’t like having to do too much research or too much reading. It’s boring and time consuming. That’s exactly where business cards come in handy. They are small, easy to carry around, and contain only the most relevant information.

Business Cards should be carried around by entrepreneurs at all times, especially when attending social networking events. These events allow for connections to be made with prospective clients and these are the people you want to impress. The saying “you can never make a first impression twice” is very true. If you’re attending a social networking event and you don’t have a business card… what first impression do you give off? Definitely not the best one. Make a good impression and order your business cards!  You can get 1000 business cards for as cheap as $40 dollars! We offer all types of Business cards including 16 pt and 14pt thickness,silk matte laminated, full color foil, linen, foil stamped, embossed, die cut shapes, UV coated, frosted, and pearl Business cards.

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